We All Make Games

The very first job I worked on when I started as a runner at Moxie was for McDonald’s. It was the first Just Passing By McDonald's spot Neil Gorringe did, and I've been working for the clown in one way or another ever since. Last year we were asked to shoot some footage that could be cut into Neil's McDonald's Olympic pieces during the games to make them feel reactive and current.

Setting out to capture the spirit of the games, we shot up and down the country from the Olympic stadium in Stratford to parish sports days in Essex to fan parks in Sheffield and beaches in Weymouth.

We shot like mad and gave away something like 9,000 Big Macs to persuade 1,000 members of the public to sign up to being in the spots that would air a couple of days after being shot.

With so much awesome footage they turned into these big, stand alone spots, documentaries full of scenes you'd never write, characters you'd never cast and what I think are true snapshots of what it felt like to be in the UK during the games.

Eoin McLoughlin shot it with me and Phoebe Matheson produced.

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