I made this with Gareth Averill a good while back now. We don't get to work together that much but when we do I think really great things have come about that neither of us could have done without the other.

We spent about a year prepping this, lots of chatting back and forth between the pair of us and figuring out how exactly we'd shoot the thing without killing the band or ourselves. What came out of all that was the realisation that the most valuable assets you can have on a project are time and trust. We had all the time in the world (but none of the money) to plan and figure and chat and we all placed a huge amount of trust in each other both creatively and physically as swimming about the sea at 3am is a pretty dodgy endeavour.

It's the last thing on the list for this site but it's probably the ancestor of the bothies, a testament to the capabilities of adventurous lads, lads who can come together with just the right mix of creativity, ego and stupidity to make something awesome.

Michael Donnelly produced it and Stevie Russell shot it.

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