4 Bothies

4 Bothies is the biggest, stupidest, most awesome thing I’ve ever done and I couldn’t be prouder to have my name on it. Just as proud to have had Michael Donnelly, Eoin McLoughlin, Dave Tynan and Adam Ozmin pour tons of their own creativity and sweat into it along the way.

It was the grad project for my masters in Art & Science in Central Saint Martin’s but it started years before when I saw a bit of forest up north and fancied building something in that forest. I reckoned that if it was hard enough to find people would respect it and pass on the location to others with care.

That turned into 4 bothies; a Library, a Study, a Studio and a Gallery, all hidden around Ireland and like traditional bothies they’re unlocked, unofficial and free for anyone to use.

It’s not a thing that can really be explained here, there’s a whole other website, www.4bothies.com, to do that.

Even if you go and look and read all that’s there that’s not even close to it all.

“Get out of the gallery. Art’s not just soft hands.”

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