I make ads and art things and sometimes I make music videos.

When you make ads and art things and sometimes music videos people like to ask "What kind?". If you've looked through this site you'll see the answer is "All different kinds". 

I don't have a medium and I'm happy that. If all you've got is a hammer everything starts to look like a nail.

What's common to all these things I've put up here is that there's something beyond the thing, an idea or a story where that thing came from. Like the story behind Sharon's 72 unused right shoes or what a bothy is or the best way to make a homemade ad or why I tried to run 5 marathons in 5 days or what cup stacking is.

All these projects are the same to me, they're all ads. Some are ads for things and some are ads for ideas but ultimately I'm trying to get something out of my head and into yours: make you feel something I feel or think something I think.

Those ideas are all different so the best way to do that is different each time. 

When a project comes along, or I think of something I want to do, I try to tell as rich and as full a story as I can in the way that makes the most sense for that thing. I try to do that for as wide an audience as possible with as much depth as possible so that any of my ads could be put into a gallery or any of my art things could be shown in the middle of Coronation St.

I'm going to keep making ads and art things and sometimes music videos for as long as I can because I reckon it's the best way to live a life full of richness and experience and achievement and affect some kind of positive change on the world around me.

Luke Franklin

Other Stuff I've Done

1st Place 2013 Nova Award - Central Saint Martin's cross college top graduate award.

1st Place Future Map Prize for Sculpture, Installation, Moving Image or Performance.

1st place 48th Dublin Cub Scout Troop Halloween Costume Competition two years running.

1st ascent of the unclimbed peak on the Island of South Georgia at -54.196667, -36.961667.

Masters with Distinction in Art & Science from Central Saint Martin's - UAL

1st Class Honours Degree in Film Production from the National Film School of Ireland.

Listed in the Irish Times as one of "The 60 Most Creative People In Ireland"

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