As an offshoot to 4 Bothies we decided to get the ball rolling and hang a show in the gallery we had just built on an abandoned island off the west coast of Ireland. 

Below is the blurb for Sharks, a show about what kind of dude you need to be to live in the wild places of Ireland and, like the rest of the bothies, it’s supposed to be hidden so we're not telling you where it is. Go have a search.


It takes a certain kind of person to be a Shark. Different from the lads over on Bofin, even more so than those in Cleggan. Different from those nearest them sure, but there’s lads out there I’m sure could identify with the Sharks.

Lads who faced the toughest parts of life with a smile and carried on anyway. Lads who took control of their own space and shaped it to what they needed. Lads who figured out their own way of living and fuck those who said they were wrong.

Island thinking isn’t just for islanders.

Kenneth O’Halloran, Rich Gilligan and Niall O’Brien are three Irish photographers. Between them they’ve a ton of qualifications and awards but mostly they’re determined lads who won’t stop until they’ve got their shot. 

They’ve found stories, both close to home and in faraway places that they want to tell. Stories about undertaker fathers, DIY skate parks and young punks growing up. The lads are Sharks of a sort and so are their subjects.

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